We celebrated the World Snow Day / 2018-02-02

Collection "Winter Surprise".

21st of January, in one of the most beautiful places - Kaunas Pazaislis Monastery ensemble - we celebrated the World Snow Day. There was no shortage of snow, entertainment or big smiles.

The World Snow Day celebration began with St. Mass at the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After that, a show of "Ice Masters" followed by the production of ice sculptures. Dance group "LAISVE" invited everyone to move in a dance step. A lot of attention was paid to the practical tasks of the Family Contest and the 2nd team of National Defense Volunteer Forces Darius and Girenas District.

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training students of the Paramedic Training Program organized the "Save your Friend" campaign and introduced all attendees of how to act with hazards of the cold season, taught how to perform initial resuscitation and help with frostbite. The smallest participants of the festival created a small town and participated in the game of snowball racing in the basket.

At the closing of this event, the audience saw programs of "Winter Surprise" by the beauty studio "Fire Theater" and Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center. During the collection, a new, alternative and theatrical approach to fashion was spread. The collection was concentrated of the wedding dresses, using a sustainable environment and the idea of ​​ecological fashion.

We believe that the World Snow Day will be celebrated next year. Thanks to the organizers and everyone involved in this great event.

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