Two national professional excellence competitions / 2018-01-05

Karalius Mindaugas vocational training center in December hosted two national excellence competitions. Future cosmetics and hairdressers showed their professional skills and tried to achieve their best results.

Elena Bartnikienė, Chairwoman of the Cosmetics Evaluation Commission, director of the Spa center "Saulėja", was pleased with the initiative and preparation of the students. “I am satisfied with the level of the preparatory beauty specialists I get to work with. We are expanding our apprenticeship, and we do expect to get motivated employees with good basics from vocational schools. We are taking care of the further improvement of the specialist and improvement of his qualification,“ - says E. Bartnikienė.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the hairdressing commission, a well-known hairdresser-stylist and head of “Robertas Studija”, Robertas Sakalauskas, was very happy that young people participate in masterclass competitions. "There are many hairdressers on the market, but only those who are constantly improving, interested in innovations and seeking even higher level, will be in demand and will successfully develop their client's circle," says R. Sakalauskas.

During the cosmetic competition, the future cosmetics had to do two assignments. The first one was to determine the model skin type, select and apply a cosmetic mask and fill out a client card. During the second assignment, the students performed an occasional makeup on a freely chosen subject with graphic elements. After summarizing the final results, the winners were:

Ist place - Eglė Šarauskaitė, Šiauliai Vocational Training Center, teacher Vilma Juozaitienė
IInd place - Domantė Kucinskytė, Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center, teacher Vaida Ščiučkienė
IIIrd place - Benita Vilčinskaitė, Klaipeda Service and Business School, teacher Dalia Mikutienė.

During hairdressing contest, the students had performed three assignments. The first one was to make a wedding hairstyle using the given picture. Second, to introduce yourself and tell competition experts why you choose hairdressing as your profession. Last, but not least, to make a woman hair cut exactly the same style as it is given in the picture. After summarizing the final results, the winners were:

Ist place - Ineta Pūkaite, Marijampole Vocational Education Center, teacher Vaida Lukšienė
IInd place - Gintarė Smilgevičiūtė, Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center, teacher Irena Žinevičienė
IIIrd place - Gerda Martišauskienė, Alytus Vocational Training Center, teacher Jolanta Dumbliauskiene

We would like to congratulate all participants and wish them all the best in their future career.

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