Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre provides an opportunity of continuity of vocational training competencies: the vocational training programmes are coordinated with the study programmes of the St. Ignatius Loyola College; furthermore, the gradual continuity to the college higher education studies is provided by including the vocational training achievements.





About the College

St. Ignatius Loyola College is a dynamic and modern Catholic higher-education school, which strives for synergy of education, science and business. It provides quality higher education meeting the needs of the nowadays, forms excellent conditions for acquiring practical and entrepreneurship skills, international and societal experience and pays a particular attention on the nurturing of Christian values, sociality and education of social responsibility.

The activities of the College are harmoniously coordinated with the education paradigm of the founder of the Jesuit Ordinance, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the main elements of which include – the CONTEXT, EXPERIENCE, CONSIDERATION, ACTION and EVALUATION.


The exclusivenes of College

  • Interesting and perspective studies

  • Modern practice base

  • Professional lecturers practitioners

  • Recipes of success – directly from the business leaders


                                  § Unique Jesuit education system

                                  § Nurturance of Christian values


  • Focus on individual needs

  • Flexible studying opportunities

  • Studies at the heart of Kaunas Old Town


                                   §  ERASMUS studies and practice

                                   §  Various opportunities for self-expression

                                   §  Internationally recognised diploma


Study programmes


Contact information: St. Ignatius Loyola College | J. Jablonskio g. 2, Kaunas | Tel.: +370 37 20 02 60
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