Center’s community welcomed the new director Dr. Nora Pileicikiene / 2017-12-14

Director Dr. Nora Pileicikiene.

The 14th of December Karalius Mindaugas vocational training center’s community welcomed their new director Dr. Nora Pileicikiene who took over the duties of the acting director Dr. Tomas Darbutas.

During her introductory speech to the community, N. Pileicikiene emphasized the importance to acquaint herself with the activities carried out by the Center and assess their compliance to the legal acts. Also, she sees the necessity to re-evaluate the potential of Center’s human resources to ensure the quality of education.

"The main goal of my work will be transparency and operational efficiency. I seek to ensure that the activities of the Center will be carry out in accordance with the laws and regulations. I believe that the principle of communication is the key to the future success of the Center. Therefore, I will invite the community to talk, discuss and share one’s experiences to make this Center greater, “said the new director at her presentation.

N. Pileicikiene had recently worked as the head of the Department of the Quality of Studies (Vytautas Magnus University), before that she was the head of the Career Center at the same University. She holds a Doctor of Educational Sciences.

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